Opening 29/9: Elastic by Adriano La Licata and Ellen Vartun

ELASTIC is an exhibition research on how flexible and bendable the I of the I-ndividual is.
Your own body relates to other bodies, like a mother, friend and lover. In the same time also to static architecture in cityscapes.
The body needs to relate to opposites: the objective and the subjective, the beauty and the beast. It seems that those opposites become bigger and bigger extracted ends like you can do with and elastic.The I has a double role: it is the perceiver and at the same time the I gets perceived. At times you are in a play. The role gets chosen for you. But most of the times you are in the role you choose for yourself.In the exhibition you get a closer look to on vibrations of the flexible and extendable self. Don’t be afraid of an implosion!
During the opening Ellen Vårtun will perform with ‘Darling Complex’.
The exhibition is on view until 14th of October 2018
29.09.18 – 14.10.18
By appointment: maudoonk@gmail.com


Expositie Abstracte

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